Functional Evaluations
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Who Benefits From a FE?
  1. Physicians:

    • Establish an appropriate functional pain assessment.
    • Identify weaknesses for rehabilitation effectiveness.
    • Identify loss of endurance, which could be improved by rehabilitation.
    • Assistance with defining functional levels.

  2. Patients:

    • Gain a better understanding of their physical capabilities.
    • Discover an increase in their confidence due to the ability to work safely.

  3. Insurance Carriers:

    • Provide information to substantiate patients’ care.
    • Have them understand the patient’s progress toward treatment goals clearly and specifically.

  4. Rehabilitation Specialists:

    • Use gathered information to facilitate appropriate job placement, successful transition to work, or to determine any possible need for re-training.

  5. Employers:

    • Receive employee’s clear return to work.
    • Receive information for appropriate job placement, which will keep the employee safe and productive.

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